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Beautiful Surprises Are Waiting For You!

Fresh Picked Flowers Lotion

There is something about Spring that is so inspiring. At this time of year, I love going out into the garden every day to see what new surprises will greet me. It's this time of year when you can simply enjoy your garden...the work of the summer garden-the weeding and pruning and watering still lies ahead. Sometimes I'm surprised by a flower emerging that I'd completely forgotten was there. Or the pretty shamrock-like foliage of a pink Columbine that has traveled across the garden to begin a new life next to the creamy white, just beginning to bloom peony....I can see why the flowers flock to this corner of the garden. Who wouldn't want to be friends with this gorgeous masterpiece - white billowing petals encasing vibrant yellow centers...dotted all around the thick, dark green leaves of this stately bush. A friend of mine, whose own gardens are breathtaking, helped me identify the flower you see above as a peony. I had no idea what it was when it emerged for the first time last spring, I just knew that it was incredible proof that nature gives us so many gifts every single day if we'll just pause long enough to look around and appreciate them. I waited with anticipation all year long for this particular gift, those beautiful, fragrant blossoms, to return.

But, we're human, so sometimes in the midst of rushing to get something done we forget to look around. So, as I was hunched over in the studio this morning, adjusting the artificial lighting to take photos of our popular Fresh Picked Flowers lotion....created with none other than actual floral oils and plant extracts, it hit me. What was I doing inside when all of this natural beauty, along with actual flowers, were just a few feet away? So I grabbed a bottle and my camera, and perched it underneath the shade of one of the heavy branches, right next to one of those 6 inch peony flowers. Now that made me smile....and to think I almost missed it as this particular peony only blooms for a very short time.

So, my friend, I urge you to step outside, take a long, deep breath and really look around, up, down, and around the corner. See what beautiful surprises are waiting for you!

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