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- About 407 Botanicals -

Our Commitment To You

Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty with quality, handcrafted, luxurious skincare and bath products.


Each and every product is crafted by hand with our exclusive formulations.  Our products feature the freshest botanicals, beneficial plant based extracts, and luxury organic oils and butters with an emphasis on the transformative and aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils. We're so fanatical about freshness that we organically grow and harvest many of the botanicals that we use on our 125 acre weekend farm a few miles from the studio. We infuse these organic herbs and flower petals into organic oils and butters and incorporate them into our luxury lotions and skincare, or blend them into our natural botanical soaks.


We only include ingredients that provide a benefit to you.  That's why we never include fillers, artificial colors or fragrances, GMOs, parabens or other harmful chemicals - just pure, botanical based, highly concentrated goodness that cares for your skin naturally.

We think it's important that you receive the freshest products available anywhere. So, we create everything by hand in small batches in our circa 1902 studio located in Madison, Indiana's beautiful Historic District.


We believe products that you use to care for yourself should:

  • Be pretty to look at

  • Feel good in your hand

  • Be environmentally friendly

  • Smell amazing

  • And of course, enhance the look, feel, and health of your skin naturally!


We hope that you enjoy 407 Botanicals products as much as we love creating them for you!




407 Botanicals



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