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         Skin Transforming Aromatherapy

        Hand + Body Care 


 Formulated with only the freshest plant based, mostly organic ingredients. Creamy, rich feeling lotions that absorb easily into your skin and can be enjoyed from head to toe by any skin type. They brighten, refine, and protect your skin naturally, are highly concentrated, and carefully formulated.

Each version contains many of the luxury ingredients you might find in a high end facial cream (without all the bad stuff).  In fact, that's why we created our  line of plant based lotions....we believe your toes should have the same care and attention

as your nose!

Each lotion has its own carefully blended aromatherapy component....for example our Lavender + Clary Sage Lotion relaxes and centers you while helping to relieve anxious feelings. Our Fresh Citrus lotion fosters feelings of joy and positivity, while the Lemon Rosemary Mint lotion energizes and uplifts. Each lotion features its own combination of plant based oils and butters plus skin transforming botanical extracts like Hibiscus Flower, Licorice Root and Sea Buckthorn Berry to improve the look and feel of your skin. So, they all help you achieve your best skin possible, but retain their own unique aromatherapy and skin enhancing benefits.

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