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Bubbly Botanical Bath Soaks + Scrubs / Polishes

Did you realize that nightly or weekly rituals such as drawing a relaxing bath can help reduce stress? All of our bubbly botanical soaks are designed to relax and renew your spirit while removing harmful toxins and softening your skin. We present all of our 16 oz. soaks in beautiful, heavy glass bottles that are a pleasure to look at and use. So even if you don't consider yourself to be a "bath girl" (or boy!), we encourage you to try one of our soaks at the end of a very long day and see if it doesn't make a believer out of you.

Our bodies are exposed to harmful elements in our environment every day.  Something as simple as regularly exfoliating our skin has many benefits, including increasing circulation for healthier, brighter skin; removing damaging toxins; creating an ideal environment for lotions and body oils to penetrate better; and helping to keep our skin looking fresh and radiant. Each of our scrubs is a creamy, lotion-like scrub that is loaded with beneficial ingredients like organic Shea and Mango butters, plant based oils, and skin transforming botanical extracts. They smell amazing through the use of aromatherapeutic essential oil blends and leave your skin hydrated, glowing, and refined.  All can be enjoyed head to toe, although we recommend avoiding the eye area, especially with the Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Mint scrub as the Peppermint oil that feels so wonderfully refreshing on your body can be a little tingly when applied near your eyes!

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