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Now you can enjoy the same blend of pain and inflammation reducing essential oils featured in our best selling Muscle Rescue Bath Soak. This multi-tasking exclusive blend contains fifteen essential oils with properties that rejuvenate and revive sore muscles, help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, refresh the air, clear stuffy noses, and increase mental awareness.

There are no carrier oils or "fillers" in this blend - just the highest quality pure, organic essential oils so that you have the flexibility to create the home or self care products that you are most interested in.


We hear constantly from clients with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis that this blend provides real relief! Here are some ways you can add this custom blend to your lifestyle:



  • Clear the air and improve sinus congestion by adding a few drops to your home diffuser.
  • Combine 7-8 drops per ounce of water to a mister bottle to create a cleansing room mist that enhances mental clarity, increases feelings of stamina, and provides anti-bacterial benefits.



  • Blend a few drops with jojoba, shea butter, borage oil (or any plant based oil that you like) and massage into tired muscles and painful joints to help ease pain and inflammation.
  • Combine a few drops with Sea Salt and Baking Soda and add to warm bathwater to remove harmful toxins, deodorize, and invigorate tired muscles.
  • Apply a few drops to personal inhaler (available at many natural food stores) and carry with you to inhale throughout the day for a boost of mental clarity or to ease congestion.
  • Combine with Epsom Salts to create a deodorizing, refreshing, and restorative foot bath.


Some of the oils contained in this blend include:


Peppermint contails menthol, which acts as an antispasmodic and mild analgesic which helps to reduce pain, pressure, and tension. It's cooling effect soothes and relieves tired and sore bodies and also has a magical way of calming the mind at the same time, relieving stress and creating feelings of peace.


Juniper essential oil has been used for centuries as a detoxifying agent, a stress reducer, an antioxidant, and a pain and inflammation reliever. It has powerful anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, and analgesic properties.


Rosemary oil is extremely high in antioxidants and rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties making it one of the best choices for relieving pain.


Clove is one of nature's strongest forms of pain relief. It has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial/anti-microbial agent. Clove has warming effects on the body, making it particularly good for revitalizing and reinvigorating tired and aching muscles, as well as soothing them and allowing them to loosen up, reducing tension and pressure. Clove also contains anti-neuralgic properties, numbing the surface of the skin temporarily when applied topically. Clove is often used as a natural remedy for tooth ache for this reason.


Eucalyptus's stimulating properties help increase blood circulation, decrease pain and stiffness, and increase mental clarity and alertness. These benefits can be enjoyed by applying topically or by inhaling.


Sweet Birch oil is a purifying, uplifting and stimulating oil that encourages detoxification of the body when inhaled or applied topically. The properties in birch essential oil promote comfort and relaxation, and support the body's own ability to boost the effectiveness of it’s healing cycles. These properties make this oil useful in overcoming feelings of sadness, inertia or fear.

Birch essential oil is known as an effective pain reliever with the presence of the salicylate component that is present in aspirin based medications. This compound helps in lessening pain, swelling and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other pain in the joints and muscles. Birch oil has detoxifying and diuretic properties that assist in eliminating toxins from the body. 


Please note:  If you are under a physician's care or are pregnant or nursing, you should consult with your practioner before incorporating any essential oils into your lifestyle. For adult use only. Not to be ingested. Discontinue use if irritation develops. This blend is not intended to treat or cure any illness.

Muscle Rescue Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blend

  • Contains:  The freshest, highest quality organic essential oils including Peppermint, Sweet Birch, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Clove, and Lavender, among others.


    10ml bottle yields approximately 200 drops and is presented in a cobalt blue glass essential oil dropper bottle to best preserve the oils. It is tucked inside a labeled, white box, with instructions for use.


    We're happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us at

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